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May 16

You can’t programme when psychotic at all!


The thing I really don’t understand is this diagnosis that I have to take anti-psychotics that if you know which not a single twerp in the NSW Health system apart from the individuals that become prosecuted for saying “The drugs are physically what is making people ill and suicidal in some cases!”

See to write a piece of software and when I am meant to be the most ill and somehow teaching myself from home the LAMP stack and PHP when making a retrogression from Visual Studio to Open source is literately by their documentation not actually at all possible; at all! See like all language which any psychologist will tell you is the ability to form a cognitive subject and logical paraphrase that isn’t mixed with nonaggressions against real observations is cause the main areas of the brain that handle this in all form of psychosis is the logic and association centers.

These centers you need to have working at optimal performance in the quality of code I have on-line on the Internet documented back before 2004. If you can’t use the logical and association area due to either bipolar or schizophrenic basis there is no way you would be able to successfully write anymore than maybe 50 lines of code before you give up aggregating clean and operative code that is within definition of none obfuscated or retaliated basis in variables at all, in the slightest!

I really think it is a case of a world-leading scientist and the life of that since the age of around 13, and isolated meritocrats simpletons that think they have anything like the physical world or reality of me as an individual and somehow as absolutely no one at all in any social setting seem to think they have some basis or knowledge in what it even sounds like for myself and my friends and partners in the epicenter of all data systems in entirety including off-world and for some reason seem to think as scientist they have some right to even have in the slightest when they all pretty much use my technology.

They seem to think they have the right to try and impress their opinions and views as well as sickly objectives in building chemical and documented whimsicalities in the world stage and everyone senses, which luckily like the computer, I have with a group of scientist after what happened with these people have made a physical firewall so they only view and experience all this in their own cell, not on the world stage of science and communication not a basis of medicine we’re they seem to say in their own set of glaciological basis of simplified language sets.

In the IT industry like physics and chemistry (Real Sciences) when we make a statement on observations it is based of massive tests and data arrays when they can somehow in a meeting of around 10 minutes every maybe 3 months have some understand that you are psychotic cause they don’t want to face up to the fact that most of their mental health industry is placebo substances, void of treatment and most of the basis of it it for them is in stuff like Alister Crowley – a pedophile and abuser of children as well as teacher or parapsychology & occultism, like the other two principles! They don’t even have a triquarter or any effective method to put raw scientific fact that is something that can be clearly seen as fact from someone like measurements and level that is not from their little cell and understand why that is, it is all really they have is an opinion that is not factual and with current medical technology more or less contrived or very loosely fitted observations based in erratic observations and data as well as isomerism and just made up theories and make believe.

You know how I know you can’t do any coding or programming and even any form of business analysis, systems analysis or network engineering when your psychotic cause a couple of times when I have become drug-psychotic from their anti-psychotic (Only 15 times in the last 14 years), I found I could neither focus on my IDE or follow the flow of writing software!

May 09

I can’t read or write! Well it doesn’t come back!

Originally from a case that my friend who had the same batch of MDMA Kiwi Kim who had the same symptoms and was also admitted to hospital at the same point of history in Mental health we’re we where suffering from a drug psychosis and the botched diagnosis of Hornsby hospital around 1999/2000 which include diagnosis of being unable to read or write, we’re if you check back on my previous ZIP archive and file dates is quite clearly true (See here: Planet Source Code) that most Mental health doctor who don’t do any research and tend to experiment on every single patient they get truly have used me in inhuman medical experiments to no gain in my health with over 69kgs heavier 13 years onward we’re what I was telling them only now have they listen even slightly to the information I have been giving them like a scratched record.

In fact I don’t understand why when they think the Mimes (Which they seem to think is some form of control publication) were you check what is done by the FDA which is the mimes equivalent we’re for example risperdole has been completely removed from distribution in the USA as in most cases has cause death through suicide or on all patient at least have suicidal tendencies they still pump people full of it in Australia. Apart from all the supporting laws to it the Mental health act in the federal law books only goes for a paragraph or two, I really don’t understand with the shit information on drug prescription provided by the TGA why they need that much money, more than the FDA drug departments to publish a mimes.

They are like the service and over zealous use of law and in most cases I have found doctors that are either religious or spiritually inclined and often on members lists we have for things like the Freemasons and Evening Star which both have systems of autonomy just like the same thing we call Terrorism in the east Arabic countries which is also why they have been put in the USA on the Terrorism Watch list and why Barack Obama for example rarely picks up the phone for Tony Abbott as on the TV on the public international channel they have been like an endless reel saying things since this was done like “I am a member of a Terrorist Organisation” which is the point of the Terrorist Watch List as if you put something on it and it is they will self declare on media due too the systems of autonomy and human aspects of this.

The fact these doctors with there sickly views of the reversal of the word ‘dog’ which like in all languages does the same and so on by an Atheist Psychologist even intern would be generally as the diagnosis is have paranoid schizophrenia with acute anxiety disorder and clinical depression through childhood abuse and brainwashing in family, entomic to social ordinance and derivatives, which is also common and belongs to the family that people like a paedophile exists in. The fact I was an suffered in the system being instutionalised by people a lot more sick than I was that I had chemical poisoning just like my respected tattooist friend at the time, we’re we had even up until I managed getting in contact with my college mates who work for an agency like ASIO and for the moment was asked to sleep in their services, had people like Susan Hebblewhite sacked for reporting even when they we’re reading my blog in 2011 that I still couldn’t even read or write up the blower to ministers in federal parliament etc.

Apr 13

Distasteful McDonald’s & Choco Pie

You know a number of years ago, this was many decades ago when I was a child I remember McDonalds Australia who at the time we’re importing their ‘apple’ pies not as it is today made in Australia from Tasmanian apples got into to a lawsuit we’re someone testing their readily available products found the apple pie’s where Choco (Which when cooked is bland and flavourless) with apple sauce synthetic flavouring, lowing the now $ 1.50 treat cost of manufacture and farming from around 5c with actual apples to around per unit of 0.001 cents per unit.

They way they quash legal reporting and their was no internet then, I wouldn’t be surprise in most countries including America if it has never changed at all! I don’t mind the odd cheese burger or quarter pounder, but I found their salads really lack any consistent view of what a healthy hearty salad is like the ones and sizes that server one from a Coles or Woolworths but are more a contrived statement that they offer any form of nutrient or filling meal, where you would need at least 3 to 4 salads for your daily intake of vitamins where they don’t even taste organically grown but more bleached of vitamins in the vegetable world equivalent of battery hen stalls with growing methods and fertiliser.

I once also read in a report from Norway with a company that manufactures these test kits like does that if you get a bit of the burger meat and put it in a particular un-named drug type shaker bottle the colour would go blue from the preservative and fatty emulsifiers being use to in the cooking processes make an opiate based substance which is why children demand McDonald’s for dinner mum, like a simplified simaltype heroin burger.

I still wonder with their sexist burger boy and checkout chick mentality of the floor, why they use the original series of star trek soundbytes from TOS when the red alert happens the Klingon’s are attacking the burger meat cooker again…

Feb 26

@Grant_Hackett Done your CYP450 Test? @AbcNews24

Gribbles-04-04Well grant I know what you are going through? For the last 13 years I have had relapsing Drug Psychosis from ill-prescribed medication that my body can’t break down. I will share with you page 4 of my CYP450 test which shows that I only have cytochrome 1 & 2 active and when they are partially active it is pretty much considered in-active. The CYP450 test checks the allele that can and are active in your body. If you are given a drug which isn’t in your cytochrome (allele) type, it breaks down more or less randomly locking to the wrong proteins to be vented from the body. In my case my body doesn’t vent chemical very well (This covered in the CYP450 test) which means these proteins with random chemical bonds stays around for up to a decade and then they bond with other proteins with random chemical bonds also from food additive, even fluoride in the water and so on, and make me neurotoxic, otherwise known as a Drug Psychosis, where you have though delusions and symptoms very similar to schizophrenia with traits of bipolar with emotional highs and lows. You will see my CYP450 test I only have cytochrome 1 & 2 which is a poor metaboliser, most people have either 4 or 6 and this was told to me also as a 14 year old doing the pulmonary test when it was being developed Australia wide, when I was doing primary school work experience at the Hornsby Hospital genetics labs.

With stilnox (Zolpidem) doing some research online with Google requires cytochrome (allele) 6 & 4 to break down correctly has an interesting article just remember different people taking Stilnox often have very different reactions. One person may tolerate Stilnox well but not get the desired effect, another may have side effects or adverse reactions that make Stilnox intolerable, and yet another may get the desired effect with no side effects. These variations in response and side effects are caused by many variables, but genetic variation and metabolism-based drug, herbal, and food interactions are among the most common.

If Stilnox is a major or exclusive substrate for CYP2D6, CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP1A2, NAT2, or DPD; DNA testing can be ordered that can help your healthcare provider predict your response to this medication. To determine if testing may be advisable and ask for DNA Drug Sensitivity Testing information. CYP450 included with each DNA test so your healthcare providers can predict the cumulative effect of metabolism variables of concurrent medications, DNA test results, over-the-counters, foods, herbals, and other relevant patient factors.

Drugs are metabolized by the body in much the same way as food, herbals, and environmental pollutants; they are broken down by liver and gut enzymes or other mechanisms so they can be absorbed and eliminated in the bile and urine. Enzymes are available to metabolize specific substances- a medication is referred to as a substrate of the enzyme that can metabolize it. Often an enzyme will be capable of breaking down more than one substance, but sometimes if two or more drugs that use the same enzyme are taken (and metabolized) at the same time, an interaction can occur. Enzyme-related drug interactions can be brought about because some drugs, called inducers, increase the activity of an enzyme and others, called inhibitors, reduce it. Additionally, genetics can determine your inborn ability to create many of the enzymes in the liver or gut, and the amount of an enzyme that is available can dramatically alter how you process medication. Approximately 50% of individuals have inherited DNA alterations that can affect how they process the majority of the most commonly prescribed medications.

This test not being done on patients before any form of prescription is done, has lead to hundreds of thousands of suicides, homicides as well as relapse and hospitalisation where if done would have been avoided, for me it means there is very little I can take and the medication I currently have somewhere in the dark quiet recesses of my mind I have buried the suicidal thoughts associated with my neurotoxic state! This is very typical of Antipsychotics, Antidepressants and Mood Stabilisers!

Feb 04

Dazed and Confused @IanThorpe

Gribbles-04-04The lack of doctors doing the correct testing for drugs like anti-depressants that really are nothing more than a placebo drug is scary. I have had over 10 admissions to hospital due to my or the lack there of doctors that do a CYP450 Metabolism Enzyme test which on mine revealed I was a poor metaboliser also that I didn’t have the required metabolic system to break down the group of drugs that psychiatrist prescribe as well as making me unresponsive to all forms of medication. Basically the reason I have been admitted to hospital on a number of times is a drug psychosis from Antipsychotics as I don’t have the CYP 2*D6 enzyme to break them down.

Not only that but the TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration) don’t provide Australian doctors with any thing like reliable or world standard on prescribing these medications. I referred my doctor both to the labels publications on which either in their first or updated publication include the CYP450 test results. Actually I find the fact that this Australian developed test (CYP450) is a wonder test and most doctors are not educated correctly and are just going for a pharmaceutical bonus to the industry by meeting prescription – I will use the deadly drug Risperdal for an example which is currently completely being recalled in the USA due to the number of suicides it has caused in the American mental health system, but you don’t see anything like this happening in Australia cause the TGA is nothing but a poisons giver that is nothing much but a placebo government department that looks for pharmaceutical bonus and published gloss advertising material like the mimes which provides the most pathetic doctrine in medical information almost at a level that would be apathetic.

I know what Ian Thorpe is going through cause I bet if you did a CYP450 test he also doesn’t have the require 2*D6 enzyme to break it down and was experiencing a drug psychosis from the Anti-Depressants. It is more effective to force yourself to smile as much as possible to cure depressant condition (Which automatically cheers you up and works better than placebo drugs) that in 7 out of 10 cases due to doctors not doing a CYP450 test to see if they can prescribe a substance and checking on the FDA website on the labels, if the drug can even be used or will cause suicidal tendencies in the client of the doctor.

So in the index of Risperdal you find the following index on :: in this index there is a series of labels this is the first on published :,020588s044,021346s033,021444s03lbl.pdf but you see no mention of CYP 2D6 which you can see in the image above – I only have enzyme 1 & 2 active… All Anti-depressants and Anti-Psychotics require enzyme 6 or 4 to break down. Where if you include CYP 2D6 in the search you are return a mirage of documents ( all listing that you require CYP 2D6 allele 6 to break down, in fact I am a poor metaboliser and everything except one drug currently prescribed which will make me drug psychotic every 1 to 2 years will have me completely drug psychosis and psychotic with a week or two of taking them. Even a couple of days of a PRN like legactical (not sure how that is spelt) will have me waking up in a blinding rage! If you look at this revised document on Risperdal you will notice it mentions it is metabolised by 2*D6 which I don’t have

The truth is the TGA do not do any intrinsic testing and are absolutely pathetic in response and comparison to the FDA in the USA, in fact doctors and services like the TGA are killing people on purpose it would seem, an assault and battery with anti-psychotics with no advisory to doctors about a test that has been available from places like gribbles for over 10 years now and Australian by design. How do I know this as a 14 year old doing work experience with primary school, I did the pulmonary test at Hornsby Hospital genetics lab, where even then before it was finished developing I was told I was a poor metaboliser which the self big noted doctors wouldn’t listen to reason and poisoned me completely where now I have total amnesia all the time, I can’t for example tell you what I did last week due to the adverse reaction i have to anti-psychotics they prescribe me cause they made me psychotic with them in the first place.. Such Fools!

In fact after years of research I have found Australian doctors self seated murderers for not doing any testing before prescribing and if I didn’t meet a doctor that explained the suicidal tendencies is chemical based from the prescriptions, I wouldn’t be married now battling silently with thoughts to kill myself, I would be dead in front of a train or bus or truck. I battle with suicidal thought prescribed to me by NSW Health every single day cause they are the most pathetic example of a poor system, letting the patient down thinking you just candy flip people on everything the cupboard.. Retarded Fools, such zealot cunts!

The CYP450 test is singularly the most significant test that needs to be done on all patients before prescribing a single thing of the 21st Century! Most suicides in hospital or in care of health system would be avoided with strick testing of this and the use of the site seeming the TGA is in the dark ages of invasive testing and fool hearty lack of the value of life!