Jul 24

No Mr. Reid with about Chronolabs One & Atrium ~ Nothing is outside it now!

You know in time travel portal solutions and the basement of the planet, in some regions and other galaxies, you sometime have to retreive plants to go there in the first place.. the Atrium was about the size of the Inner west then.. I hope if he ever in another point wants too than here …

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Jul 22

Business Names

If your wondering about the URL’s. well on the scale of how hard it can be to register extra trading names, they can’t refuse you too rename them.. Current details for ABN: 41 460 248 629 Current details Historical details Disclaimer ABN detailshelp Entity name: CHRONOLABS ABN status: Active from 08 Jun 2006 Entity type: Co-operative Goods …

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Jul 22

I am for all intents and purposes an actual alien!

This happened quite uniquely two too individuals. My Affix twin and myself. Some of you also maybe in this relationship with another individual born within 6 hours of one another, if you do come into contact with someone like this over a beer, a cone a line, you will find all the physicality your minds, …

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Jul 20

Call if you want to Rep. Case ~ Newtown Court ~ 2 Weeks #NSWLaw #AULaw #Laywer

If you would like to represent me in this case please contact me on Skype on wishcraft555 or call like it says on the who-is +61449000548. Otherwise you can email conquebine@outlook.com; thanks ~ this will be shelved to legal-aid on Thursday — 24th July 2014 if nothing is heard from the online legal community for …

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Jul 19

#GPL/#GNU Licence Key’s should assign on Install (Finally at your home! Big Plus+++) #XOOPS

Written XOOPS GPL License Key ~ fa3606-31e2cf-bb0fc9-03287c-b86ba9

I firmly believe just like when you ‘purchase’ a closed source package and receive a licence key for your unique DJ Set with that title of software and your Record player Hard drive. Open source like GNU2, GNU3, GPL2, GPL3, NMC, etc. Should also assign and output on install definitely from what I experience with …

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Jul 15

Mindless Idiosyncratic Doctors ~ Rolling the Cage Tomb the Hilt

The interesting thing is with all this “Simon Suffer’s from Mental health issues” ~ “Simon hears Voices”. One thing I know and I have personally research this by living with and conducting programming courses with someone who suffers from very mild schizophrenia, and the one thing I know even with a minor mental illness you …

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Jul 14

Wortify 4.1.7 for #WordPress

Wortify 4.1.7 ~ has been sent to the wordpress SVN. This version fixes a couple of error in the kernel, in retention to the user registration as well as ban loading. You should be able to install this by searching for ‘wortify’ in the plug-ins section. This is the client for wordpress for https://xortify.com.

Jul 08

Domain/TLD/Realm ~ Delegation on LABS.COOP

If you are ever wondering if you are for some reason viewing something internal on our site and not being displayed the global web, I have just recently put a section in Source Forge ~ that will list all of our actual A Records, AAAA Records, CName Records etc. You will find them here in …

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Jul 05

@BlueHost ~ I find an embarrassment to communicate even on a basis support level!

Have anyone here apart from myself found blue-host, even thought the servage is good quality but the number of times the support staff are a complete emb-arras-sment to their nation and company has been to numerous to count.. Normally something like the server 500 error if I could access the logs I would have been …

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Jul 04

Intelligence Agencies Notice ~ How do they sound to you? (Subsonic)


As we know at least most of us in the sounded online environment various artist write hidden tracks not only for fans, but for things like spy agencies like:~ ASIS, CIA, NSA, WHY etc. Some of us even have unique and similar or same queue sounds like a car, or a gun sound for example. …

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