API Obfuscation ~ Why Do People Do It?

The thing I don’t understand is why companies that are meant to offer seamless solutions obfuscate their API’s? It I am sure can be really frustrating for some developers when a company like Microsoft with their Azura Marketplace (I know

#GPL/#GNU Licence Key’s should assign on Install (Finally at your home! Big Plus+++) #XOOPS

I firmly believe just like when you ‘purchase’ a closed source package and receive a licence key for your unique DJ Set with that title of software and your Record player Hard drive. Open source like GNU2, GNU3, GPL2, GPL3,

Mindless Idiosyncratic Doctors ~ Rolling the Cage Tomb the Hilt

The interesting thing is with all this “Simon Suffer’s from Mental health issues” ~ “Simon hears Voices”. One thing I know and I have personally research this by living with and conducting programming courses with someone who suffers from very