Apr 24

Small, Medium & Large Company Board Requirement ASAP!

If you as a company have an active board of directors and engage the indigenous community in your country, do business, offer services or support an indigenous facility, family or individual to balance the correct balance of business and native entitlement you will require an Indigenous Affairs Director. You may just need to approach an …

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Apr 23

Language Translation API!

Just finished making a language translation API at https://translator.labs.coop – it works with the MyMemory, Bing & Google translation, which two of those require an API Key (We don’t record this it passes straight thru). So this will standardise the output of all three api’s to make translation software run easier and quicker for people …

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Apr 22

The Scottish Referendum and Evolution in History & Sound!

Seeming for example having an internet connection to lets say Buckingham Palace, let alone just my physicality in the wireless field of the internet I come to comment on interesting things. I believe for the best fit right in your face punch up with the English in history and sound is to rename Scotland to …

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Apr 21

Got a website? Why aren’t I on a State Salary?

The amount of things I have submitted to the government over the years in realms of my science based understanding of the world, I am unsure why I am not on some form of state based salary. In my research I have found that several scientist even contractors have been put on permanent pro-bono salaries …

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Apr 20

Labs.coop will be back online no later than the 24th of April

Just a short not to let you know that labs.coop will be back online when I pay the renew fee of 120 USD. This will be done no later than the 24th of April.

Apr 19

Mysterious world of Poo & a Big City!

One of my old acquaintances is meretriciously interest in poo and jokes on poo. Now I was just thinking about this and looked in Google and the white pages on how many effluent processor there are in Sydney and I really can’t explain that there is maybe only 4 to 5 mentioned that wouldn’t be …

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Apr 17

#Gov2 & #OpenGov Explained from an Australian Systems Prospective

Some of you might have seen hash tags from time to time for #Gov2 and #OpenGov. These have been building in the backbone of the open source community and the government sectors they support! Some of you well many use a REST API for example on twitter to have your tweet widgets and to automate …

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Apr 14

What I suffer from isn’t schizophrenia as rumoured!


I thought I would spend a moment to fill in the blanks, it has become clear to me that individual who can’t even write as literate English as I do seem to think I suffer from schizophrenia, well I don’t and this view like these individuals entire make up of their belief of who and …

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Apr 14

Mobile User Agents API

Chronolabs has a new API for determining if an User Agent of someone coming to your site is a mobile computing device like a smartphone or pad or is a standard browser which it reports as an ‘other’. The API is at https://agents.labs.coop (We are just waiting for the DNS too propagate this could take …

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Apr 14

You can now whitelist yourself on Chronolabs API’s!

On Chronolabs API (Application Programmable Interfaces) you can now without emailing us whitelist an IP or NetBIOS address to ensure you have no problem querying them! To whitelist on these APIs: https://places.labs.coop – GeoSpatial https://spots.labs.coop – GeoSpatial (Places of Interest and Radiax Close proximities) https://lookups.labs.coop – IP Locational and Information Lookup https://hashing.labs.coop – Hash/Checksums/Info-hashes https://images.labs.coop …

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